Lucifer try an angel too, and you can like is not usually entirely benevolent

Lucifer try an angel too, and you can like is not usually entirely benevolent

This is a series of outtakes on the facts “A choice”, mainly in Edward’s POV. Ranked M to have later chapters and is best if some one check out the tale “An alternative” ahead of looking over this you to definitely.

Twilight – Rated: Meters – English – Romance/Supernatural – Chapters: 11 – Words: twenty two,982 – Reviews: 93 – Favs: 126 – Follows: 108 – Updated: 2/ – Published: 2/7/2012 – [Bella, Edward]

Edward did not suggest so you’re able to kidnap Bella and you will keep their own hostage, however, she keeps a secret that will wreck their nearest and dearest. Vamp Au, B/E, Romance/Horror

Twilight – Rated: Yards – English – Horror/Love – Chapters: 21 – Words: 58,462 – Reviews: 1928 – Favs: 1,165 – Follows: 1,452 – Updated: 2/4/2013 – Published: 1/5/2011 – Edward, Bella

I’m Bella Swan and this refers to my personal facts. It is far from an informed story, and several individuals call me dumb to the decisions which i made getting myself. My facts has lots of discipline, not merely from the man who elevated me, but regarding people I like. Yards to have a good reson R&Roentgen

Twilight – Rated: Yards – English – Drama/Hurt/Morale – Chapters: twenty-two – Words: 77,585 – Reviews: 684 – Favs: 593 – Follows: 292 – Updated: 1/ – Published: 7/3/2010 – Bella, Edward – Over

The brand new lines anywhere between manager and personnel, individual and immortal, character and you will damsel, coworker and you can companion, and best and completely wrong are about being really fuzzy to have Edward and you may Bellaedy/Romance/Crisis

Authored with Siobhan! The guy said I had zero life prior to him. The guy mentioned that he had been my personal prior present and you can future. We didn’t think about lifetime ahead of him thus he need to be right. The guy guaranteed which he cannot leave me personally, but one day that all changed.

Twilight – Rated: Yards – English – Drama/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: twenty-eight – Words: 162,371 – Reviews: 1159 – Favs: 572 – Follows: 538 – Updated: 1/ – Published: 5/ – Bella, Edward – Complete

When Bella enrolled in a summertime archeology system, she thought she would become exploring fossils and you will sedimentary stone. Nothing performed she discover, she would discover by herself an important custodian to have men which have zero spoken capability otherwise person telecommunications feel-an excellent feral people

Bella try beautiful, life-enjoying and irresponsible. Edward is good-looking, reasonable and you will responsible. They don’t really see each other, however their wedding is only weeks out. Towards the assistance of an excellent “loving” loved ones, that it set up matrimony will definitely exercise, correct? Towards Hiatus

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Family – Chapters: 9 – Words: 77,320 – Reviews: 163 – Favs: 171 – Follows: 244 – Updated: – Published: 5/ – Bella, Edward

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When Bella accepts a ride household out-of Edward Masen one to wet mid-day, she seems an easy appeal to him. An effective crush. What’s the guy hiding? Preoccupied Edward. Lemons. Driven by the movie Concern.

Twilight – Rated: Yards – English – Romance/Headache – Chapters: 26 – Words: 100,536 – Reviews: 835 – Favs: 657 – Follows: 706 – Updated: 12/2/2012 – Published: 4/2/2011 – Bella, Edward

However, because they begin relationship, Bella soon finds out he’s got a deadly dark side to him, you to in which the guy wouldn’t allow her to wade, and will force aside most of the boundaries is with her

Edward runs into an effective girl from category performing on regional remove club. When he also offers their a job becoming his housekeeper, will he attract more than just they are purchasing?

Twilight – Rated: Meters – English – Friendship/Romance – Chapters: a dozen – Words: 53,489 – Reviews: 108 – Favs: 170 – Follows: 207 – Updated: – Published: 8/ – Edward, Bella

Precious Skip Swan, It has got visited my attract that partial-nude pictures you emailed me personally were not accidental. Whether or not it end up being the instance delight are accountable to my personal office, 11am, sans clothes. If not, up coming feel free to ignore it current email address. Sincerely Edward cullen. On TEMP HIATUS

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Jokes – Chapters: 79 – Words: 35,741 – Reviews: 1112 – Favs: 465 – Follows: 675 – Updated: – Published: 2/ – Bella, Edward